Here are 5 pointers for your new driver to remember when driving in the winter: Increase your following distance and slow down: Winter roads can be slick and unpredictable, therefore it's crucial for your new driver to do so. Encourage them to maintain a speed that is safe and acceptable for the terrain and the surrounding conditions. Remind your new driver to take turns slowly and cautiously because it can be more difficult to handle a car on slick roads. Additionally, they should be ready for the car to slide or fishtail and be familiar with how to fix it if this does occur. In every type of driving situation, but particularly in the winter, it's crucial to keep a safe following distance. To give themselves enough time to react if the vehicle in front of them stops or slows down, remind your new driver to leave plenty of space between their vehicle and the one in front of them. Keep an eye out for black ice, a thin, transparent layer of ice that can build on roads and be challenging to spot. Encourage new drivers to exercise extra caution and keep an eye out for any signs of ice on the road because it can be particularly hazardous for them. Know how to use winter tires: If your vehicle has winter tires, ensure sure your new driver is familiar with their use. Winter tires are made to offer improved traction in chilly and snowy weather, but they must be used properly to work. Your new driver can stay safe on the roadways this winter by paying attention to these suggestions.